Looking to be appointed to sell EyeMed Individual?

We would be happy to accept your application for appointment to offer EyeMed Individual and Family Vision Plans to your customers.

What is EyeMed Individual?

Different from our group business, EyeMed Individual and Family Vision Plans offer three standard plans for individual purchase. Commissions are available to producers who are appointed to offer EyeMed Individual – and please note – even if you are currently appointed to offer EyeMed group products, you must still get appointed to sell EyeMed Individual.

  • 3 standard plans
  • Rates start at $5/month
  • Single, single +1, and family tiers
  • 10% new and renewal commissions
  • Great product for multi-lining and retention improvement

Use this link for registration and appointments to offer EyeMed online products (e.g. EyeMed Individual), with online quotes, enrollments, and fulfillment.  If you would like to get appointed to sell EyeMed group business with in-house quotes (e.g. custom quotes, larger groups) please use this form.

You will be asked to complete forms for three entities – EyeMed, FSL, and SASid/InsuranceTPA.com.  Please see our Broker FAQ for more information.

How do I get appointed? Easy!

  1. Click here to fill out the Producer Appointment forms
  2. Complete the online forms
  3. Receive an approval with your unique writing link and start selling!

I have questions . . .

And we’ve done our best to answer most of them in this FAQ section. If you have another question that needs to be answered submit your questions with this online contact form.

Appointment Features

Once appointed you will receive the following:

  • Unique writing link
    • Track sales
    • Track incomplete quotes to follow up
  • Commissions paid monthly via electronic deposits
  • EyeMed landing page with your phone number for customer contact
  • Broker portal to track commissions, sales, and manage personal data
  • Support material added regularly